And Don't Call Me Shirley.

From time to time I'm compelled to wear a bow. This was one of those days.

The extreme Shirley Temple saccharine-ness of this outfit (i.e. bow, barrel curls, and flounce skirt) is held in check by keeping the color palette steely and the accessories hard.

Lion-Print Scarf, thrifted at OMG in Nashville, TN. Shirt, Thara. Skirt, MM Couture. Watch, Michael Kors. Bracelet, Side Lines in Florence, AL. Flats, Michael Kors.

"She (Shirley Temple) was like apple pie and just a normal girl."
-Alice Faye, actress

If you find yourself confused about the title of today's post, give this vid a watch. 
If you find yourself in awe of the craftsmanship behind today's photos, give Mantlow Photography a look-see.



Just Put A Cape On It.

As the crisp Autumn weather rolls in with its cool breeze and carpet of rust-hued leaves, t-shirts and shorts fall by the wayside as we reach for something a bit more substantial.

Fall is a time of transition, and thus, is often also a time of sartorial confusion. When looking to stay warm on your stroll to work or voyage across campus, try a poncho or cape. They're practical, able to cut the chill of outdoors but also be removed to reveal a lighter layer underneath when indoors. Here are a few of my faves from across the web.

Nordstrom, $148. Anthropologie, $188. Nasty Gal, $108.

Anthropologie, $188. Nordstrom, $575. Anthropologie, $298.

Because let's be real:
There's no reason for you not to take style cues from American Girl doll Samantha this season. No reason at all.


War Paint On, Headdress Too.

So. I'm styling a shoot for a friend in a few days.

The theme? Hippie chic. "I'm so there," I said. She sent me a few inspiration photos, and I was like, "Oh, yes. I am SO there." It was uncanny how much we were thinking the exact same thing. This is so what I love. Here are a few photos from which I intend to draw a good many pearls of styling wisdom.

Guys. I'm thinking feathers; I'm thinking head scarves; I'm thinking dusty desert colors. I CANNOT WAIT.

Catch you later, bruh.


Bold Stripes + Bright Florals.

Salutations, dear ones

Today I'm bringing you an outfit that takes mixing and matching to the extreme. The feminine silhouette of the skirt and the delicacy of the fabrics involved, however, soften the blow and allow the juxtaposition of bold stripes and bright florals to appear as a natural, feminine choice.

Shirt and Skirt, Anthropologie. Tank, Target. Watch, Michael Kors. Bracelet, Sidelines in Florence, AL. Ring, Sorrelli. Shoes, Vivienne Westwood + Melissa.

Photos are again by Mantlow Photography. Aren't they amazing?

Gotta run. It's tea and crumpets time, dahhlings.


Slap Your Mammy Apple Dumplings.

This recipe is so easy that I can make it in my boyfriend's mixer-less kitchen and so good that I've done just that twice (and counting) in the last week. 

On an unrelated note- don't act like you haven't noticed how much of an improvement over my usual food photography that these fantastic pictures are. A special thanks to Mantlow Photography for helping a sister out.

Slap Your Mammy Apple Dumplings

1 large Granny Smith apple, peeled and thinly sliced
1 can buttered croissants (the cheaper, the better)
1 cup Sprite
1 cup sugar
1 stick butter
cinnamon to taste

Preheat oven to 350ยบ.

Unroll croissants and wrap an apple slice in each, placing the apple at the wide end of the dough and rolling inward to the narrow end. Pinch to close. Place in an 8x8 square pan and sprinkle generously with cinnamon.

Microwave butter for 30 seconds in a microwave safe bowl.

Add sugar and Sprite to the butter and heat again for 30 seconds. Remove from microwave and stir to mix. Pour over dumplings.

Bake for 30 minutes or until dumplings are golden brown.

Remove from oven, let cool, then proceed to consume. If possible, please refrain from slapping your mammy.

FYI: Ice cream ain't never hurt a dumpling.

Here's to apple wishes and dumpling dreams.



Blinded By The White.

Hellooooo, you lovely little boo bears! Here's an outfit post for you.

Headband, Walgreens. Earrings, Nest Interiors. Watch, Michael Kors. Scarf, Oscar de la Renta from TJ Maxx. Shirt, BB Dakota. Jeans, Blank NYC.

Happy Monday to you all!



Macho Macho Man.

Q: How much am I loving the Fall '11 workwear look for the menfolk?
A: Immensely

Here's a look at it.
I present to you Exhibit A:
Buckler A/W '11.

And Exhibit B:
Marni A/W '11.

If you'd like to partake in the rugged look but do not feel comfortable in coveralls (though why one would not, I don't know), I'm showcasing for you a more tame look. No one is bringing you burly men better style at a more reasonable price point right now than Asos. Check it:

Just work it, men.

See ya later.


Nutella Cuppycakes.

Nutella, Nutella, Nutella. 
America is currently nutty for Nutella. Thus, bandwagoner that I am, I've now joined the craze. Enter: Self-Frosting Nutella Cupcakes. NO ICING REQUIRED! It's genius, and they are delicious. Click here for the full recipe.

Yum Diddly-um.



Cutting a Caper.

Hey there, you party people, you. I'm sharing another outfit today, and boy what an outfit it is.

Necklace, TJ Maxx. Cape, T&P (found at Local Honey). Jeans, James Jeans (from My Best Friend Jenna in Jackson, TN). Shoes, Forever 21.

I was wearing this cape while out and about gallivanting around Nashville, and who should I meet but the seamstress behind this lovely piece of plaid pie. She was SO cute and SO sweet, and I was SO excited to thank her profusely for crafting the current apple of my eye. 

And then I spun around.

(Do yourself a favor and spin today. It's therapeutic.)



The Bright and The Bold.

This is a post heavy on the visuals and the vibrance.

Photos all courtesy of my beloved Shrimpton Couture.

And as mah boi Johnny Tsunami said, "Go big, or go home." With your makeup, with your clothes, with your hair, with your sleeves. Just go big.

Ciao, bellas. 

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