Uncle Bubba's.

Today I became a patron of Uncle Bubba's Antiques in Jackson, Tennessee, and I could not be more pleased about it. My purchases included, but were by no means limited to...

this i.d. bracelet that will soon be spray painted an alarmingly fluorescent color,

these records that will one day be transformed into bowls,

this head de Abe to be gifted to boyfriend as a classroom-warming gesture (given to me free by Neicy Nash's father),

and finally, this precious equestrian figurine. He's already found his home on my bookshelf.

Oh, hey, in case you missed the subtle name-drop I hit you with, allow me to reiterate. I met Neicy Nash's father, Mr. Ensley, today.

What a lovely day. Ciao, bellas.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

There are two things I'd like to say to you lovely LOVELY folks.

1. Please visit the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale before it's too late. (To be less cryptic, visit the sale before August 1; that's precisely when it'll be too late.)

2. Once you arrive at said Anniversary Sale, please note that the items through which you are perusing (or ravaging, if you're as crazed a shopper as I) are not last season's cast-offs but select items from the upcoming season. It is a sign of things to come. It's killer. It's stellar. It's supernova. It's all the other adjectives that Xenon Girl of the 21st Century relentlessly employed.

Here's a little preview of what awaits if only you heed my advice. I've gathered a few of my faves. These are a few of the things that make my heart go boom boom.

Nordy's Anniversary Sale

Olivia Harris Satchel $385. Hue Corduroy Leggings $25. Pleione Tunic $45. Marcia Moran Ring $130. Vince Camuto Bootie $90.


Summertime and the Living's Easy.

Hello, all. Back where I come from, it is hot. Also, back where I come from, we prefer easy breezy clothes to accent our easy breezy 'tudes. Where I come from, however, we do not have fantastic vintage curators peddling their to-die-for designer vintage wares. Thus, I am relegated to providing a roundup of salivation-worthy summer ensembles I've only come to know by surfing the internet machine (enter: Shrimpton Couture). It is my fate to worship from afar, and worship I will. Observe:

Shut up. Is this real? It's like a circus on your thighs. I love it so.

In the words of your gal and mine, Rachel Zoe, "I die. I lit-rully die."
That print! Those colors! This sweet little heart of mine can hardly bear it.

Ethereal. Float on.

Ohhh, come on, man. Who needs to own this full-skirted, crinoline-bottomed piece of lovely pie more than I?

Rejoice, rejoice, and again I say rejoice. This is a thing of beauty. This wiggle dress is worthy of a wiggler to end all other wigglers. Please say you're the one.

And in closing, if you can't go around wearing this (which presumably, you cannot):

Then this is the next best thing, right? (The correct answer is a resounding yes.)

And not for a bad price, eh? Somebody, for the love of all things Anne Geddes and flora, snatch this gem up!

Alrighty then. That's enough. My head is spinning with desire for all the things I cannot have. Head on over to Shrimpton Couture; the girl knows what she's doing. Adieu.
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