Bikes and Booties.

Hi, sugar dumplings. I'm back. Some might even venture to say I'm back in black. Black satin leggings, that is.

Allow me now to set the stage for what you're about to see. If this post had a theme song, it'd be "Chrome" by Trace Adkins. Look it up, and know that the video is accurate; that is exactly how this photo shoot looked....

And now for the main event:

I know, I know. You must be thinking, "Wow, this ensemble surely cost her a pretty penny and took tons of planning to properly execute," right? Well, ye of little faith, ya gurl pulled it off without an abundance of pennies or thought. The shirt, in fact, is fresh out of the closet of my boyfriend. It is literally a boyfriend shirt.

And these booties. OH, these booties. They're honestly the most comfortable shoes I have. Maybe it's the rubber soles, or maybe it's the sherpa lining. What'er be the case, wearing these shoes is like floating on a cloud all day long. Jellypop Shoes were recently featured in the September issue of Lucky Magazine; I strongly urge you to check them out here. I'm obsessed.

Sunglasses, Rayban. Black Necklace, Old Made Good. Silver Necklace and Leggins, Grace Hyde & Co. Shirt, Chaps. Bracelet, Gorjana. Shoes, gifted by Jellypop Shoes. Lipstick, Heat Wave by Nars.

Easy rides to all of yous.

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  1. I love this outfit a lot! (:
    We should follow each other?


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