Cut Loose.

It's tasty.
It's dazzling.
My mind is completely engrossed by it.

Footloose is a cinematic delicacy.

I love the references to the 1984 version starring Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer.

And seriously.

Kenny Wormald's style deserves a post all its own, but for now this triage of stills will have to do. Have mercy, Kenny.

And what can I even say about Julianne Hough? She's a firecracker for sure. 

Since my move to Middle TN and possibly against my better judgment, I've been loving plaid and cowboy boots. Such a back roads aesthetic abounds in Footloose.

Just go see it, you guys. 

I can't say that you'll leave more intelligent, but you will exit with a little more jive in your gait

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